A moving video went viral after a boy received a Boston Terrier puppy on January 8, 2020. The puppy was no ordinary present, and the reason behind it brought many people to tears.

Logan Kavaluskit, a 13-year-old from Hudsonville, Michigan, is the boy in the footage. He sat in the backseat of their car and wearing a baseball cap.

His cousin, Jon, who sat at the passenger seat, handed him the Boston Terrier they picked up that day. What Logan knew was that they had to pick it up for Jon.

When they stopped by a gasoline station, Jon told him that he could hold the puppy on their way home. Little did logan know that he was in for a surprise.

Just when Logan reached for the puppy, Jon said that it was from his dad. Joe’s words stunned Logan, and he couldn’t believe what he just heard. Jon confirmed that it is his dog.

While Logan, still in disbelief, asked if it was for him. And when Jon reassured him while stroking his knee that his dad wanted him to have a puppy, Logan started crying.

Logan’s father passed away after nine long years of battling multiple myeloma cancer on January 8, 2020, at age 47. Five days later, Logan celebrated his thirteenth birthday, the day he got his little surprise from his dad, which he planned out before he died.

Logan always wanted to have a puppy since he was three. In one of his old photos, Logan even carried a Boston Terrier stuffed toy while he posed with his late father. Unfortunately, his father is allergic to pets apart from his cancer.

When Logan’s father knew he would lose his battle to cancer, he asked his wife to make sure they get a dog for Logan because he knows it will comfort him.

Logan named his new puppy Indy, and their addition to the family brings not just him but the entire family comfort. According to Logan’s mother, Logan’s father planned everything wonderfully, as if he was still alive. Logan also affirmed that his dad loved and was good at surprising them with gifts.

Logan’s dad’s thoughtfulness and love for his family lasted even after his death. There wasn’t a dry eye when different people watched that heart-wrenching footage. Despite Mr. Kavaluskit’s absence, Indy’s presence is a reminder of a father’s lasting love.

Watch the touching video here:

Source: Inside Edition via YouTube

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