Georgia Bradley, who lives in Plymouth, England, went for a vacation in Crete. She planned to enjoy the trip as much as possible and have a great holiday experience.

However, she didn’t anticipate that anything might go wrong during the trip, such as getting harassed by strange men in a foreign land.


The incident


The event occurred while she was on a white sandy beach when three men asked her to go out for a drink. Georgia declined their offer kindly, but the men would hear none of it.

They got angry and started harassing her by holding her hand forcefully without her consent. One man tried to drag her down on to the sand.

Her savior

Luckily, help came from unusual quarters – a stray dog came to her rescue. The dog barked at the men fiercely until they backed off from harassing Georgia.

Consequently, Georgia fell in love with her savior and named her Pepper due to her black fur. They became great friends and never left each other’s company for the rest of the vacation time.

When the vacation was over, Georgia had to leave Pepper behind when going back home. The puppy ran after Georgia’s car when she left for the airport. It was evident that Pepper got sad from being left behind.

Going back to adopt Pepper

However, Georgias, couldn’t stop thinking about Pepper after she arrived back home. Therefore, she had no option but to go back to Crete and get Pepper.

She got a Veterinarian who de-wormed, chipped, and gave Pepper rabies shot in readiness for travel. Pepper was able to travel after a 21-day quarantine period.

Georgia was happy to receive Pepper in England and even more joyful to learn that Pepper was pregnant.

After a week, pepper gave birth to 6 puppies, and now they live happily at their new home, and Georgia is happier than ever.

Source: Facebook/Georgia Bradley


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