Avanti Fernandes got Olive, a Great Dane puppy, in 2018. Olive was a typical, active puppy. She loved to run, jump, and play all the time.

When Olive was four months old, Avanti noticed something different. They were at a park, and Olive limped. She was not her usual exuberant self.

Avanti decided to take Olive to the vet because she couldn’t walk. The vet made a series of tests to find out what was wrong with her. Olive went through MRI, spinal tap, and X-rays. The results for all the tests came back negative.

The vet advised that Olive would have to stay, but they would most probably have to euthanize her the following day. Avanti didn’t even want to think about that possibility.

Olive had complete paralysis from the neck down to her legs. They brought her to Belle Mead Animal Hospital, where she got therapy sessions. Olive’s therapy sessions would last for days at a time.

It took her a couple of months of therapy to get some movement back in her hind legs. It was a slow, painful process. Improvements were small but constant.

That summer, they didn’t see any improvements at all. She still couldn’t walk by herself, so she had to use a set of wheels to move around.

Olive wanted to keep moving. They would wrap a piece of contraption around her body and held her while she ran. Avanti’s family was ready to accept that her condition would not have any more improvements.

A kind-hearted person named Annalisa reached out and volunteered her massage service to Olive. She promised that they would be able to see a difference after three massages.

Avanti was not so sure about the massages, but she let Annalisa do Olive’s massage therapy. Then Olive started to walk and run on her own.

Avanti was happy to see so much improvement in her dog. Olive started being her old happy self again. Lately, she had been climbing on top of things.

Olive had a long journey ahead before making a full recovery, but as long as she had the determination and her mom by her side, she would make it.


Source: The Dodo via Facebook

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