Dogs are clingy in nature. It is their own special way of showing their affection and loyalty.

Kayla Filoon is a volunteer at ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia. Aside from volunteer work at the shelter, she also loves to walk dogs. This gave her a special connection with dogs.

Among all the other dogs that she came across, there is a particular dog that caught her heart.

Russ, a four-year-old Pitbull, was badly injured when he arrived at the shelter. He was underweight, has missing patches of fur and lots of bruises, and to make things worse, he was suffering from kennel cough at that time. Needless to say, he was in a bad shape when Kayla met him.

When Kayla saw this poor dog stare at her, she immediately knew that he is indeed something special. She took him for a walk and was surprised to know that he is gentle and well-behaved. He is like no other dogs, he didn’t show any sign of aggression, instead, Kayla knew then that Russ is a sweet and smart dog. She didn’t waste any moment, she signed the papers and took him home.

Russ was fortunate that Kayla got him right in time. The shelter was facing overcrowding issues and many dogs are in life for euthanasia. It was the start of the best life for both of them.

The once poor dog became healthy and so adorable as if nothing bad happened to him. It seems like, Russ is clingy and cuddly. A photo posted by Kayla’s aunt circulated the web. It can be seen there that though there is a wide space in the living area, this cute dog still chose to sit beside Kayla, leaving no space between.

Her owner revealed that Russ is really a ball of sunshine and a love bug. He loves to play and cuddle. He shows his affection by literally being with her all the time.

Kayla hoped that other people would be encouraged to adopt and save stray dogs. She proved that it won’t just be the dogs who will be saved but also the kind humans whose life will also change.

Video credit to Wordnews And Everything About Life via Youtube

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