The city of Bonn in Germany celebrated the life of an adopted hero dog that saved her owner’s life. Her owner adopted the amiable Bulgarian canine only three years earlier before the eventful day.

The residents remember the dog by her name Mina. She is a victim of constant violence before arriving in the city and was under the care of Bonn Animal Protection Association.


Mina used to stay in an Albert Schweitzer granted stray animal shelter before meeting her adopting owner.

The canine hero is a cross breed from a Labrador and another breed. She wears a charming short black coat that matches her kind droopy eyes. That was what probably caught the attention of her retiree owner.

Mina lived a fulfilling life with a loving owner after getting adopted. She finally has the chance to get to know the world the way she deserves.

However, an unexpected fire broke out during one early day in February. The fire started out in Holzlar district of Bonn.

The roaring flames engulfed the house of Mina’s 75-year-old owner, Irmgard Abu-Nay. Luckily, Irmgard was found miraculously safe and alive, but Mina perished on the fire.

Due to her unconditional loyalty and love for the one that cared for her, she willingly exchanged her life to save her only family.

The tragic event drew the attention of media to her story. The local publication General Anzeiger shared her life stories, so others get inspired by her heroism.

They told how she arrived from Bulgaria to the city of Bonn and was very cowardly until she is found by her new foster family.

She became the apple of the eye by her retiree owner who was a widow for many years prior. Her sons have long gone away, and Mina came to her life in the form of a new family and company.

When the flames broke out, Mina alerted her owner by continuously barking out loud. Thanks to her Irmgard managed to get out of her home in time but was unable to bring Mina along.

She tried to come back for her dog, but rescuers blocked her due to safety reasons. When the firefighters finally got to her, they tried to revive her, but she quietly passed on while in their arms.

Thanks to our friends from Sofia News Agency for sharing the original content.



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