You might have read stories of foster parents putting up funny and witty adoption posters for the dogs they’re taking care of. But have you heard of a person getting a giant advertisement to help a rescue dog find its forever home? If not, this story is definitely for you!

A dog named Sally Sue has been waiting for her family for more than two years. Then, unexpected help arrived in the form of a billboard that would call the attention of interested adopters.

Helping Sally Sue find a home

An animal lover named Scott Poore decided to get a 30-foot billboard for Sally Sue. He is also the man behind a company called Mission Driven Goods, which sells pet-themed items to help long-term shelter animals find homes.

Sally Sue’s billboard was Scott’s latest effort to raise awareness for pets that had spent months and years in shelters. His company rented out the billboard space along the Interstate Highway, a spot that would allow the ad to reach a new audience.

Scott shared his reason for getting the said billboard space. He said that on social media, people were so used to promoting the same story to the same audience. A billboard, on the other hand, would get thousands of views from different groups of people.

Scott said that all it would take to save a life was for one person to make eye contact with the big billboard.

It’s a continuous effort

The plan was to keep raising money to rent the billboard space. That way, Scott would be able to keep the signage updated with new faces that were looking for a home.

Scott emphasized that the goal was not just to find Sally Sue a home – but a perfect home. Once this was done, Scott would move onto the next shelter pet that deserved to be advertised on the billboard. He added that the pets that would go up on the billboard would always be the ones that had been homeless the longest.

Video Source: KMBC 9 via YouTube

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