A surprising turn of events occurs when Ellen Hart brings home day-old chicks to her home. An amazed dog soon forms an unlikely bond with the three little ducklings.

Dog and duck friendship

When the tiny creatures were brought to the house, they were immediately introduced to The Dude, Ellen’s house dog. The dog looked the ducks in astonishment, looking as if he had no idea what was going on.

The first interaction was Dude just sticking his nose in their little pen and staring at them. The ducklings, namely Marge, Dot, and Frances were not bothered by him.


Ellen took the ducks out one by one and laid them down by the colossal canine. The tiny ducks scrambled to climb on top of the dog, seeming very comfortable by the dog’s soft and fluffy nest-like hair.

The ducks started following Dude around, and the dog would lie down and let them crawl all over him. Often, the ducks would prefer cuddling up on Dude’s tail.

Dog mom duties

During the ducks’ first swimming lesson, the Dude would lie down in the pool so that the little creature could have a place to rest. Since the young ducklings can’t swim very well, the canine served as a little island in their kiddie pool.

Sometimes Ellen’s pets would fight like siblings. Even so, the animals would always make up in the end. Ellen believes that the fights made their bond stronger and make them understand their relationship more.

Ellen also noticed how Dude would fall in line patiently when she would feed the ducks some peas. The dog knows how to prioritize the ducks before himself.

The ducks love having their dog mom slash big brother nearby at all times. They would hide so close behind that they’d seem invisible.

Ellen’s favorite moments are when all her pets would lay down together for peaceful moments in the grass. She’d saw how everyone got along and be the best of buddies.

Watch the heartwarming story below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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