Dogs are very caring and compassionate animals. They seem to know who needs to be comforted and would always go out of their way to make people—even strangers—happy.

Such is the story of a cuddly dog named Brody. This huge dog has brought much joy to an elderly woman named Sally, who, to everyone’s amazement, isn’t even his human. Sally is Brody’s neighbor.

Sally is a senior-aged woman who lives alone. Her husband died almost three decades ago, and her children are living in different parts of the country. Although she has come to accept this reality, she can’t deny that it does feel lonely at times.


One day, her neighbors brought home a little puppy to be part of their family. Little did Sally know that her neighbor’s puppy, a Saint Bernard named Brody, would soon change everything for her.

Brody was an adventurous puppy who went to Sally’s home by himself. One day, Sally found him walking in her yard, and from the moment they met, they became good friends.

Brody seemed to sense that Sally was lonely. His visits to her home became more and more frequent. Soon, his humans would discover that whenever he was gone, he’d be there comforting the lonely lady. Knowing this was what Brody was doing, both his humans and Sally couldn’t be happier.

Every time Brody would come, Sally would give him treats. Soon, she started to become active again and also started enjoying her senior years. They would play, go out for walks, and have a great time together as if she was her human, and him her pet.

Whenever Sally needed to go somewhere, Brody would beg his humans to let him accompany her. At times, he would succeed in convincing them.

Years passed, and Brody is now a fully grown Saint Bernard. He still visits Sally whenever he can. Sally, for her part, keeps her doors open for the loving puppy who made her enjoy her golden years.

Dogs are indeed very loving, and Brody is proof of that. He’s the embodiment of what it means to love one’s neighbor.

A lonely widow found joy in life again – when an unexpected visitor stopped by ❤️

A lonely widow found joy in life again – when an unexpected visitor stopped by… ❤️

Posted by Sharing is Caring on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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