Dogs are not only great companions for adults but for babies, too. Just look at this huge dog taking care of a baby in the video below and you’ll surely beam in awe. This wonderful dog even helped this cute baby take her first walk, and watching them do that is just the most amazing experience ever – even for us viewers!

First steps have never been so easy

Watch the most amazing footage of a baby girl making her first step with the help of no other than the big dog that’s been babysitting her! Seeing them this way makes us realize that dogs are truly great buddies for babies! They can guard, play, and now, take babies for their first walk. That just made us smile!

Having a dog for a brother is the greatest thing

Some say that dogs are excellent protectors, which is why they adopt them. That’s not the greatest thing about dogs, though, as we have witnessed in this video above. Dogs are more than protectors or guards at home or the people around them, they are the great brothers and sisters that we can ever ask for. As seen in the video above, this huge dog takes great care of his baby sister to the extent of helping her take her first steps!

Maybe he wants his baby sister to walk and run with him soon or he just knew she needs to do it now that’s why he’s helping her to walk. The best thing in all this is that this dog is being the best brother and buddy that his little baby sister needs. If that is not love, we don’t know what is. Watching them do monumental things like this one is just so adorable and we can help but beam in happiness.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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