Dogs and toddlers are meant to be best friends. They complement each other’s quirkiness, cuteness, and love for fun activities. And in case you’re a parent who has a baby and a dog, you’ll realize that your pooch acts like a sibling to your child.

Here’s another story that proves just that. A dog did his best to entertain a toddler, and of course, the child was utterly amused.

A pup pulls off some antics

A viral video, which was uploaded to TikTok by a user called @taymcox, showed a dog and a kid having a good time together. You could see that the toddler was sitting on the floor and playing with colorful toys. However, the dog was trying hard to keep the kid entertained. The dog was jumping joyfully, and it paced up and down excitedly. It even sniffed the baby.

Meanwhile, the baby was laughing hard. The dog might have realized that it had to keep the baby amused, so it repeatedly pulled the same funny antics and actions. Check the video below, and you might end up pressing the replay button because it was so cute!

The dog and the kid made everyone’s day

The pup and the toddler definitely put a smile on people’s faces. At present, the heartwarming clip has more than one million views. It also has over 240K likes, 2.3K comments, and 13.3K shares.

One commenter said that the pup and the kid were two innocent souls who loved each other. Another TikTok user liked the fact that the dog was trying to be silly on purpose just to make the baby happy.

A third commenter said that the dog was probably wondering where the heavenly sound was coming from; in this context, the commenter was referencing the baby’s cute laughs. One person explained that the dog might be figuring out why the baby was laughing at him.


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Video Source: @taymcox via TikTok

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