If you are looking for a touching dog story, this one will definitely warm your heart.

A two-year-old dog named Patrick has one of the most heartbreaking stories that went viral on the internet. He was named after St. Patrick’s Eve, the day he met his guardian angels. Yes, GUARDIAN ANGELS. Why did he need them though?


Patrick had a previous owner that cannot support him anymore. Based on his owner’s mother, that was the reason why the poor dog ended up being tied to one of the railings near them. He was there with no food and water for almost seven days.

But that struggle didn’t stop there. One day he was found inside a plastic bag that was meant to be crushed by a trash compactor. Luckily, that was when his first guardian angel came, the maintenance man.

Out of curiosity, the maintenance man opened the plastic bag, and to his surprise, it was a dog alive! He immediately took him to the Humane Society, where they brought the dog to Garden State Veterinary.

There, Patrick met his other guardian angels, such as Doctor Thomas Scavelli and Patricia Smillie-Scavellie. Based on an interview, they said that after 17 years in service, Patrick’s case was the worst they’ve seen.

Patrick only weighed 19 lbs and didn’t have any temperature because even the thermometer can no longer read it. The dog was severely dehydrated and almost starved to death. His bones were also nearly crushed into a ball.

Not only that, but he can also barely move; he can’t stand nor sit. Even his ribcage was damaged. He also developed skin rashes that made his skin peel off.

But despite all of these struggles, the light was starting to shed on his dark era. The Scavelli couple didn’t hesitate to save him no matter what it took.

Patricia believed that even though such situations ended up putting them to sleep most of the time, they still did not do it when it came to Patrick. Why? Because they believe that they do not have the right to do that if the dog himself was trying to hold his last breath, who are they to stop that?

So they made a miracle. After one year of the special diet, maintenance, and physical therapy, Patrick gradually gained weight. And yes, Patrick survived all of it. He made it!

He now weighs more than 50 lbs. And like other dogs, he also loves to play with his toys and walk outside under the sun. He is different now, very far from a nearly dead dog.

Patrick is currently in the couple’s custody. They can’t believe they made it. Dr. Scavelli once said that only a few animals could bear what Patrick experienced. Those few usually became famous because of so much support and help from the volunteers.

Some of Patrick’s supporters even sent him letters, gifts, blankets with his name embroidered in them, and various donations. Patrick inspired many people. As an exchange, the hospital staff always updates Patrick’s Facebook page about his status. They also ordered thank you letters, put some pictures of Patrick in them, and then sent them to his supporters.

Patrick’s journey was not a one-on-one battle but rather a war. And through the hospital staff, doctors and supporters, he won.

Source: ShelterDogsNeedHelp via Youtube


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