There are so many neglected and abused stray dogs out there that desperately need our help. I’m heartbroken whenever I hear about people being capable of hurting these amazing animals. However, I’m also glad that there are rescue organizations that continue to work hard to help these animals.

A sweet pit bull from North Carolina named Cricket was found abandoned on the side of the road. She wasn’t only abandoned, but Cricket also suffered from a gunshot wound to the head. Thankfully, Cricket was found by rescuers just in time, and she was rushed to an animal hospital to get treated.

After Cricket surgery, she was well on her way to recovery. However, she still needed to find a forever home that will give her all the love that she deserves. While Cricket was recovering from surgery, the rescue organization responsible for taking care of Cricket posted Cricket’s story on social media. Morgan Avery saw the post and immediately felt that Cricket’s the right dog for her to adopt.

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Morgan didn’t waste any time contacting the rescue to express her interest in adopting Cricket. After a few messages between the rescue organization and Morgan, Cricket finally has a loving forever home. All that’s left is to transport Cricket from North Carolina to New Jersey.

The Flying Fur Animal Rescue volunteered to transport Cricket by plane. The pilot, Paul Steklenski, has rescued hundreds of dogs by flying them to their forever homes. However, after hearing about Cricket and seeing Cricket in his plane, he broke down just after takeoff. Paul couldn’t believe that someone would shoot such a sweet dog and left her to die.

It was already midnight when Cricket finally made it to New Jersey. Cricket’s new mom, Morgan, was already waiting to meet her new dog. After meeting Cricket for the first time, Morgan couldn’t help herself but cry. It was an emotional moment for Morgan, and she’s glad that she’s able to provide Cricket the home that she deserves.

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Cricket’s now enjoying her new life with her loving family. She gets to be a dog, and she also gets spoiled by her family. Morgan and her family treat Cricket like a princess, and they know that she deserves to be treated as such.

Morgan describes Cricket as pure love. There’s never a day that goes by that Morgan and her husband give Cricket all the love that they can provide. Even strangers can’t help but fall in love with Cricket. Here’s a heartwarming video of Cricket’s story.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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