Sean Irion was working for hours non-stop for several days, scouring the tons of rubble and debris left behind by Typhoon Dorian in Abaco, one of the hardest-hit areas in the Bahamas. They were looking for dogs that survived the devastating wreckage and, hopefully, rescue them before they perished. Sean was part of the rescue operation conducted by Big Dog Ranch Rescue from Florida.

For days, they used a special drone equipped with a high-resolution camera that featured a thermal imaging technology. They knew that some dogs could be underneath the rubble. Some of the volunteers also manually searched the area. And Sean Irion was one of them. When he got to a flattened building, underneath an air condition unit, he found a scrawny malnourished dog.

A miracle

The dog has already been pinned down for more than three weeks, barely surviving on rainwater that collected near him. Next to the barely-living dog was another pooch; sadly, he did not survive. The weakened dog, which they aptly named Miracle, was lifted out by Sean, and within an hour, was airlifted to Florida and brought to the shelter’s clinic.

Miracle’s road to recovery had a lot of bumps. Because he was virtually motionless and did not eat for almost a month, his muscles atrophied, and his stomach shrunk. He couldn’t eat much and was unable to walk. They had to manually move his muscles to strengthen them. Miracle also had parasites, several cuts, and bruises on his body, and had a respiratory infection.

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But with patience and perseverance, staff and volunteers at the shelter were able to treat all his conditions. Miracle was able to walk again and even doubled his weight. At the same time, the dog’s story has gotten around, and more than ten thousand people sent their intent to adopt Miracle. And after more than a month of choosing the right family, they have finally found one.

Miracle is going home with Clark and Briana Beaty and their three daughters. The shelter said that Miracle chose the family himself. Even when he was recuperating and still weak, the dog forced itself to go near the girls and crawl into their laps. They are confident that this family would give Miracle the love and care that he deserves.

Source: ABC News via Youtube

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