Dogs are addictive, and that’s because of their adorable personas. This lady named  Savannah Meyer fell in love with one and couldn’t wait to get another one.

She kept on asking her boyfriend if they could get another dog, but he answered in the negative every single time.

She did this for months and months until she couldn’t wait any longer and got a puppy herself. She let the male puppy out in the yard where her boyfriend was tending to their little home garden.

The little Golden Retriever thankfully ran and busied himself with getting to know all the little things in his new environment.

The puppy’s movements got his new dad’s eye, and the look he gave his girlfriend was epic. He couldn’t believe she’d gone and did the deed herself.

Fortunately, dad couldn’t help but pick the puppy up and hold him close. It’s a relief to Savannah, who wasn’t too sure her boyfie would love a puppy.

Puppies have this unique magic that they could wield on anyone who gets into contact with them. Dad was obviously smitten with the new furball, so we say that puppy magic worked well on him.

We could tell that this little one will have tons of fun in his new home. With a loving mom, a backyard garden, and a lot of love from both his parents, he couldn’t ask for more.

Just don’t go digging around in the yard and uprooting some vegetables or important ornamental plants there, okay?

Reserve that for when dad has fully accepted the fact that you’re now part of his pack. It might take some time but with your adorable personality, we’re sure you’ll win him over.

Welcome to the family and don’t forget to give mom extra hugs and kisses. After all, she’s the main reason you’re there.

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube

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