The Great Pyrenees is known to be France’s royal dog, and because many French marvelled at its great beauty, owners of such breeds do their best to give these dogs everything they need. However, one Greet Pyrenees failed to get the care and love it deserved from its owners.

Found outside of Houston, Texas, the approximately 4-year-old Great Pyrenees named Neo had a lot of open wounds, mange, and severe weakness due to hunger. 

The dog was in terrible shape and refused any eye contact from anyone who comes near his cage. His previous owners abandoned and left him to fend for himself. This made him suffer from different types of illnesses, including heartworm.

TAGG Rescue, a non-profit organization from Texas, stepped up and rescued Neo from the deplorable place he was in. Wendy Fox then became Neo’s foster mom, and she took all her time to nurse the sick dog back to health.

About a year after being with her loving foster mom, Neo was able to beat all odds and recover. What was once a 59-pound skin and bones is now over 100 pounds. Thanks to the love and dedication Fox poured into Neo, making sure he gets to be the best version of himself.

Fox also shares how Neo was finally able to enjoy the simplest joys in life. One of which is the sprinklers in the yard. As time passes, Neo’s parents also found out that he loves to swim with fellow dogs. After a few months of tender love and care, the dog grew his fur back to its lush and golden state.

Neo got the best ending after all the suffering he went through in the hands of his previous owners. Now, he has been officially adopted by none other than the person who helped him get back in perfect shape – his foster mom!

Source: TAGG Rescue via Facebook

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