Thom McCollum, a resident of Berkeley, was hiking with his girlfriend when they heard some tiny whining sounds coming from a creek below. They got curious and got off the trail. While gently going down a slope, they saw a pit bull giving birth at that moment. The mama dog was exhausted, and it looked like she was malnourished.

The couple agreed to help the new mom as it seemed that the whole family would not last long out there on their own. Thankfully, they were able to get the tired pooch and her three newborn puppies without much trouble.

Earning her trust

Thom decided to foster the dog and her babies. He called the adult pooch Ruby, and the three puppies were named Jax, Kirby, and Tito. The kind man gave the family a comfortable bed in a warm space in his home.

Initially, Ruby was wary about being around her rescuer. Although Thom showered her with attention and love, the former stray chose to ignore him. Nevertheless, she proved to be an amazing mom. Ruby was constantly feeding and cleaning her babies. She would only leave them if they were napping or if she was going to eat.

Foster fail

As the days passed, Ruby started to warm up to Thom. The puppies were also becoming very active. They would run around the house and even play with their foster dad. They would also go out for walks, and the kind man would put the small pups on a wagon. This frequent interaction convinced the pit bull that Thom could be trusted.

From then on, Ruby was always by his rescuer’s side. She became very affectionate. Because of this, Thom decided to adopt the loving pit bull. As for the three young dogs, they all found good homes nearby, Tito was even adopted by their next-door neighbor.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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