If anyone ever doubts that Meeka is a good dog, they only need to see her dad’s home office for proof. Lined up on the wall are four of her “Employee of the Quarter” awards which she won consecutively.

This all started when Michael Reeg, Meeka’s dad, started working from home.

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Michael is a district sales manager for a drawer slide manufacturer. He has turned one room in his home as the southeastern sales center for the company he works for. Unofficially, his office employs three employees, him, Meeka, and another dog named Kya. The latter is his wife’s dog who occasionally comes to his office to rest and also play with Meeka.

Most of the time though, the best employee is his own dog. This is because she is there all the time with him. And like most home offices, it can get quite lonely and difficult to get motivated. Michael credits his dog for firing him up every day and keeping him excited about his job.

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Michael said that having Meeka around certainly helps him. She assists in various important ways. She is a very good listener and stays quiet when Michael talks to her. He often does it while working out a dilemma, or practicing his sales presentations and pitches.

In fact, Meeka is so dedicated to her job that when Michael is out traveling for work, she still shows up at the office. She will go inside the room and wait for Michael to come back. If the door is closed, she will lie down outside and wait patiently for someone to open it.

Their corporate office in California has also acknowledged her contribution to the company. They know that working from home can be difficult and her presence has helped Michael do an exemplary job for them.

If this goes on, Meeka is a cinch to win her fifth award in a row.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube

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