Michael Vick and other NFL players are using their voices to condemn dogfighting. Vick, among many athletes, is using his voice to bring justice for abused bait dogs used by heartless people behind dog rings all over the world. Aside from Vick, K.J. Wright, and Jordan Babineaux of Seahawks are also making efforts to denounce the said animal cruelty.

K.J. Wright condemned dogfighting and firmly said that it is not a sport but plain animal abuse. To help spread awareness against this heinous act, Wright worked in a video, together with a bait dog named Meadow. The said three-year-old Pitbull was found inside a box discarded at the side of the road. It’s a good thing a concerned citizen called authorities, who then brought Meadow to Pasado’s Safe Haven.

The former bait dog was treated by volunteers for her major injuries. Meadow had hundreds of scars and also suffered from a broken leg. Pasado’s Safe Haven volunteers said they have saved a lot of other dogs with similar wounds and confirmed that Meadow was used as a bait dog. The Pitbull was probably used as a sparring partner of a stronger dog, resulting in her multiple injuries.

K.J. Wright, Michael Vick, Jordan Babineaux, among others, encourage the public to report the whereabouts of the person last seen with the poor dog. The organization also posted a $2,500 reward for those who could help them achieve justice for Meadow. Babineaux also advised people in the community to do something about dogfighting in their area and report the cruel operators.

Pasado’s Safe Haven Head for Communications Wendy Ogunsemore said that Meadow is doing better. The volunteers have treated her front leg infection, and now, Meadow is recovering from all the other wounds she got from being used as a bait dog. Ogunsemore said she and the other volunteers are in awe of the Pitbull’s will to survive.

everything she has been through, Meadow’s sweet demeanor and personality shone. Amidst all the trauma she experienced, she remained friendly towards other dogs and the people who rescued her. Ogunsemore added that Meadow has also shown gratitude to the NFL players who supported her and other victims of dogfighting in the fight to end this animal cruelty.

credits: Pasado’s Safe Haven via YouTube

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