Dog owners are very passionate people. They do anything and everything for their beloved pooches. No matter what the cost and the hardships they encounter — they persevere to make their dogs happy.

But, will you build your dog his fortress to satisfy his whims?

Meet Check, the tower dog.

Let us get to know Check, a Chihuahua-miniature pinscher mix of the Sharrock family. This dog loves watching his surroundings. Back in their Mililani home in Hawaii, the dog looks through their window to catch a glimpse of his owners’ whereabouts.

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However, the situation changed when the family relocated to Kailua, Hawaii. The house lacked one feature that Check needed: a lookout window. He hates not knowing what’s happening outside the home. Going up the lanai was the only option left for Check to do. But, it seems that the pooch’s plan wasn’t practical.

Caution: Check’s tower in progress

How will the Sharrocks solve this problem? Continue reading to find out.

A concerned neighbor spotted Check on the rooftop and immediately called for the fire department. The house’s landlord immediately called Nicolas’ attention.

Nicolas knew that the dog just wanted to watch from the rooftop. He immediately allayed everyone’s fears and thought of a way to solve Check’s problem.

Using some wood and fencing materials, Nicolas’s dad made a watch tower for Check. The tower also comes with a customized ramp, making it easier for the dog to access his hideout. Check loves to hang out there, whether he’s alone or with the family.

To get a glimpse of the Check’s story, watch this short video clip.

The family even built a bar to the left of the dog’s fortress for them to hang out with their beloved guard dog.

Video Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube

Thanks, The Inside Edition for this story.

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