The holiday season means food, gifts, get-togethers, and partying for most people. And, just like humans, dogs enjoy parties, too. Hence, an animal welfare group called The Homeless Dog Shelter from the Philippines always makes it a point to organize a ‘Christmas Pawrty’ for their shelter dogs.

The shelter also had a Christmas party for their fur rescues in 2020, but it was their party last December 2021 that caught the attention of social media users. Jervy Catillo, the non-profit animal welfare group owner, uploaded photos of the event on their social media page. And to his surprise, the images went viral, reaching over 96K shares and 107K heart reactions.

Most people who commented on Castillo’s post expressed their delight at seeing the happy dogs. At the same time, others commended the shelter for all their good deeds for the rescue dogs. Some also mentioned their intentions to adopt some dogs in the photos.

Party night

Complete with all the party essentials, the party night was indeed a fun night to remember. The shelter dogs who attended the party looked dashing in their red collar bandanas. Decorations were everywhere to go with the joyful event. Castillo and the shelter volunteers also prepared a sumptuous meal for the party-goers.

The organizers also prepared a ‘Pabitin’ for the dogs to make the party even more enjoyable. The pabitin, which translates to the hanging of goodies, is a traditional party game. In this game, candies and toys are hung using a wooden rack, and kids would try to snatch them. Instead of sweets and toys, the organizers hung treats for the dogs, and they all had fun jumping and trying to grab the goodies from the wooden rack.

Indeed, it was a fun-filled night for the shelter dogs. But, because their photos went viral, another good news came their way. Several people donated money and food to the shelter. They now have enough supply to last them for the first few months of the year. Now, that’s an incredible after-party effect!

Credits to The Homeless Dog Shelter via Facebook.

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