The Director, Dr.Michael White, of Harris County Animal Shelter, was ready to report to his job as usual. However, on his way out, Dr. White happened to catch the morning news only to see the feature story about a dog tied outside shelter’s front gate.

The dog’s rescue

The news reporter, Janelle Bludau, featured a Lab Mix chained up on the shelter’s fence. She declared that she would stay at the spot until somebody came to rescue the dog.


The shelter director had to run as quickly as possible to rescue the dog.

The dog was friendly despite the trauma of loneliness and abandonment. She still wagged her tail non-stop to the newscaster out of excitement.

Shockingly, when the dog underwent a routine examination, they found her expectant, and her delivery date was just around the corner.

The dog in her foster home

Dr.White decided to take the dog along with him for close monitoring as they waited for the dog to deliver at his home.

In honor of the news reporter, Dr.White decided to name the rescued dog Janelle. Dr. White was glad that the dog was in the right place. He also loved the dog’s affection towards the family, and in return, he kissed and cuddled the dog as a sign of appreciation.

After a few days of the dog’s arrival in the foster home, she started experiencing labor pains. Dr. White and his wife realized that they would spend the whole night sleepless because of the dog’s delivery experience.

Janelle’s litter

The dog started giving birth to her puppies, and the couple was alert the whole night in assisting Janelle in the process.

When the dog delivered his 10th puppy at around 3.36 am, Dr.White thought that everything was over. Surprisingly, the 11th puppy came out at 6.05 am. Admittedly, it was a long night for Janelle and the couple.

The delivery process went successfully, and now Janelle and her puppies are okay health-wise. The dog and the puppies are under care in the foster home up to the weaning time. After that, they would be ready for adoption.

Here is a clip of Janelle and her lovely puppies.

Source: Twitter/Lisa Hernandez


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