Noelani Guerrero was known to foster a lot of dogs and find each of those dogs their forever homes. One day, the shelter contacted her, asking if she was willing to foster April, a pregnant Pitbull that was rescued.

To the rescue

Noelani was fostering numerous dogs when the shelter called. She was supposed to reject taking in one more dog, but when she heard it was a pregnant Pitbull, she immediately agreed.

April was close to giving birth, yet she was still super malnourished. She was terrified and timid. It was evident that she had not experienced a lot of loving human interaction before.


Being used to seeing all kinds of rescued dogs, Noelani had high hope for April. She knew the dog had a strong chance to find her forever home.

A few days later, April gave birth to multiple beautiful puppies. She was a great mom. She was protective of her pups, especially Andy.

Andy was very underweight. He was in and out of the vet for a while because of a lung issue. He needed extra attention, and April was protective of him the most.

April had a hard time trusting people. She was terrified of every little thing. At first, she didn’t want affection either, but her foster mom was determined to win her over.

After a few weeks, April was ready for hugs. Noelani was extra gentle with April given what she’s been through, but now that April was affectionate, Noelani knew she did an excellent job at fostering her.

Forever homes

Noelani posted updates of April and her pups online every day. Her posts reached a lot of people that were interested in adopting.

It didn’t take long before all the pups were adopted. They each found their own forever homes.

Noelani was still looking for a perfect home for the dog. A lot of people responded to her post about adopting April.

Vanessa and Justin Olson followed April’s story online. They fell in love with the dog’s pictures and videos.

The couple never thought they would have the chance to adopt April. Their prayers were answered when they received a call from the shelter telling them they are officially the parents of April.

Vanessa drove all the way to shelter to pick up her new dog. When they got home, April immediately became best friends with the couple’s other dog, Bessie. April quickly formed a bond with everyone. The couple loved April and were determined to give her a good life.

Watch the incredible story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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