Wilbur is one of the pit bulls that the One More Dog Rescue saved. He was only nine months then, but he has obviously been through a lot.

When Wilbur first arrived at his foster home, he was terrified of everything. His mom, Kirstin LaRoche, had to carry him when they got out of the shelter because he was way too nervous. Regular things like blowing wind, chirping birds, or any other sound and movement scared him.

Thankfully, after a few months with his foster family, Wilbur finally felt loved and secured. He blossomed and became a happy, playful, and confident dog. Wilbur was no longer the pup who was too scared to stay outside. Now, he loves spending time outside and exploring his surroundings.

This is too funny I have to share with you guys. Look at my doofus dog Wilbur sleeping in the hole he dug! 😂😂 I thought he was dead at first! Follow Wilbur and his weirdness on Instagram @willy_sack_of_potatoes One More Dog RescueThis video is exclusively managed by Kennedy News and Media. To license or use in a commercial player, please contact news@kennedynews.co.uk or call +44 161 697 4266

Posted by Kirstin LaRoche on Monday, August 12, 2019


Recently, Kirstin noticed that Wilbur had found a naughty habit – digging holes in their backyard. Initially, this didn’t make her happy. However, she soon realized why the pup was doing that.

Kirstin was walking past their door when she saw Wilbur sleeping soundly outside. He was taking a long peaceful nap on the hole that he dug. It turns out that Wilbur wasn’t randomly digging holes. He purposely made them.

Kirstin couldn’t stop laughing at what she discovered. Wilbur was hilariously slumped over that Kirstin had to check if he was okay. Kirstin doesn’t have an idea of how long Wilbur has been sleeping outside. When Kirstin woke him up, Wilbur was startled and immediately ran inside the house.


After that, Kirstin said that they filled back the hole to keep their backyard safe and clean. However, she said she wouldn’t be surprised to see another hole for him to nap soon.

While no one could tell what exactly happened to Wilbur before he was rescued, Kirsten is glad that he’s now safe with them. Because they already have three dogs, Kirstin said that she didn’t initially want to adopt a new one. However, Wilbur has now become an official member of the family. As Kirstin noted, the feeling and experience of transforming a terrified dog into a blooming one are unlike any other.

Credit: Kirstin LaRoche, willy_sack_of_potatoes

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