Pitching balls or grabbing baseball bats are normal actions for human baseball players. However, for NJ Trenton Thunders, these activities are done by a Golden Retriever named Rookie. Surprisingly, this dog is quite skillful in doing the responsibilities that used to be only for people who play baseball.

Rookie was first introduced by the team manager in the opening night of baseball in 2014. Tony Franklin, the manager, took him out to the home plate for the umpires’ meeting. When the audience saw him, they suddenly went crazy.

This is not the first time that Trenton Thunders have dogs that took the role of batting seriously. It was Rookie’s grandfather, Chase, who did this first. Even when there is no baseball game, Rookie enjoys saying ‘hi’ to his fans, mingling with the Thunders, or playing with his dog toys in the office. Rookie’s father, Derby, is also a dog batter. Rookie acquired his skills from Derby and Chase. When both dogs retired, Rookie maintained the legacy of being Trenton Thunders’ star dog batter.

The Golden Retriever is a dog breed with a large body. It is known for retrieving waterfowl, such as game birds and ducks, during shooting and hunting activities. The name ‘retriever’ came from their ability to pick up items while keeping them undamaged, thanks to their naturally soft mouth.

Golden Retrievers are born water lovers. They are also fast learners of both basic and advanced obedience commands. Their coat is rather luxurious and long, paired with a thick inner coat that keeps them warm in the outdoors during the freezing months. Their outer coat, on the other hand, sits flat on their bodies and effectively repels water when splashed. Golden Retrievers thrive well in the country or suburban communities.

See how Rookie does the job in this video:

Source: Tube Test via YouTube

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