It is no question that most of us share no love for math. Yes, the subject that students dread every day at school, well, probably not all, but you get the drift.

For the five-year-old Scottish Terrier named Stewie, however, math is power. Stewie is a wonder dog – a math genius.

Ever since he was barely ten weeks old, his owner, Ian, knew he was special. He noticed that Stewie responded well to specific situations and even learned to associate objects with his daily routine.


For instance, when Stewie was small, he used to bark at the door when he wanted to go out. Eventually, he figured out that the toilet is associated with peeing, and as such, every time he wanted to pee, he would bark at the toilet instead.

Stewie even went so far as figuring out how to open the closet doors to get to his favorite toys! Soon after, Stewie began to expand his vocabulary.

One day, Ian was getting ready to take Stewie out on a walk. He put on his collar and harness. Surprisingly, when Ian grabbed the keys, Stewie stopped on his tracks and refused to move. Ian then saw that Stewie was looking at the keys. Once he said “keys,” Stewie immediately headed for the car.

It never occurred to Ian that he would teach Stewie about the word “key” because it wasn’t something Stewie would be interested in. But in the end, Stewie managed to associate the word “key,” with getting in the car, and once Ian knew that Stewie was more than happy to learn, it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Ian decided to explore how far Stewie was capable of learning things, and that was when he started teaching Stewie math.

Ian read up on everything about animal intelligence, which eventually led him to Chaser, a Border Collie who was able to differentiate between 2000 toys.

Ian wondered if it was also possible for Stewie to learn 2000 numbers instead.

As a teacher himself, Ian meticulously taught Stewie about numbers, using pennies, toys, and wooden numbers. Once Ian realized that Stewie could be taught to count, he then taught Stewie how to do simple mathematics.

In the following video, you will see that Stewie is able to answer several math-related questions that even us, humans, will need a bit of time to figure out.

Stewie is even able to solve Division and Multiplication questions, something that will make you scratch your head, wondering how the heck was that tiny pup able to answer all those math questions.

Source Stewart Elliot via Youtube


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