Before local animal control services rescued Melvin, the pit bull mix, over two years ago, he had been wandering the streets of Long Beach, California as a lost dog. Authorities thought that his owners would turn up eventually. But when this didn’t happen, they turned him over to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA).

The animal protection organization welcomed the adorable pup with open arms and provided him with much-needed medical care and obedience training. Once he was ready to find a new family, spcaLA began sharing his story on their social media platforms.

Unfortunately, over 600 days and numerous online posts later, no one still seemed interested in taking Melvin home. The staff realized that this was mainly because of his color and breed. And they couldn’t help but be heartbroken for the pit bull mix as he had officially become their longest shelter resident.

Despite this, spcaLA continued to work with their network and media partners to share Melvin’s story with a broader audience. Thankfully, they eventually managed to pair the pup with a foster home, and four months later, Trish Maguire and her family came into the picture.

The Maguires had been looking for a new fur member since their senior dog, Romeo, passed away last December. When they saw Melvin, they immediately realized that he looked very similar to their first-ever pit bull mix and decided to give him a chance.

They visited the pup once and continued talking to spcaLA’s adoption counselor. It didn’t take long for Trish and her family to recognize that Melvin was a perfect match for them, so in early March, they went on and filed the adoption papers for the pup.

Finally, after 667 days in the shelter, the four-year-old pit bull mix now had a home to call his own, much to spcaLA’s delight. Look at the adorable pup and his new fur parents here.

Courtesy of @spcaLA

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