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It was an ordinary day for Rodrigo Coelho and his wife as they headed to the pharmacy to buy some medicine. When they came out of the car, his wife left the car’s door open, and they were taken by surprise when a dog greeted them. The stray dog didn’t waste any time by hopping into the passenger seat to take a nap. The dog had come a long way as his nails were worn down.

He might have also been scavenging for food as he smelled like garbage. After hours or probably days of wandering the streets, he must have felt very tired and exhausted. The couple didn’t want to leave the sleeping dog behind, so they allowed him to take a nap on the car floor. When they reached their home, the dog didn’t hesitate to look for a comfortable spot where he could continue to get some shut-eye.

The Coelhos’ other family dogs were curious about the new dog’s presence. When the stray dog finally awoke, he showed off his playful personality. At first, the other dogs were frightened because of the new comer’s uncontrollable excitement to play with them. They eventually became friends as the new dog started to get familiar with his environment.

When Rodrigo posted the footage of the stray pup while he was adjusting to his new home, the video instantly became viral. People in their town also commented that they had already seen the dog, and Rodrigo realized that the stray dog’s name was Thor. His owners were only a few miles away from Rodrigo’s home. Fate brought the dog and the couple together.

Since Rodrigo already figured out who Thor’s fur parents were, he arranged a reunion with the dog’s family. Thor was happy to see his family, and he couldn’t wait to go home because as soon as he saw his owners’ car, he immediately pranced around. Rodrigo was glad that he was able to help the dog reunite with his owners.



Posted by Pai do Ninão on Monday, February 24, 2020

Image Source: Pai do Ninao via Facebook

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