Stray dogs are not as lucky as others. These dogs experience maltreatment from abusive and irresponsible owners while others are left on the street to starve and die later on. Because of this, more and more dog rescue centers are opening to send help to stray dogs.

In India, a stray dog experienced a severe head injury that the rescuers thought it would die. The stray dog’s condition didn’t hinder the rescuers to extend their help and assess the dog’s condition.

When they first saw the stray dog lying on the ground, it seems like it is lifeless already. But, a closer look revealed that the stray dog is doing everything it can to survive.

The dog rescuers started to assess the injury and provide first aid before lifting the stray dog. It can’t move or make any noise confirming that the injury is too severe to bare. The dog rescuers didn’t waste any minute. They cleaned the wound and put bandages all over the stray dog’s head. Then, they carefully lifted the stray dog to be brought to the rescue center for proper assessment.

The stray dog was examined, and the rescuers are still uneasy. The dog’s condition isn’t getting any better even after two weeks of staying in the dog rescue center. Even the rescuers are having second thoughts about the possibility of the dog’s recovery.

But, the third week comes, and the stray dog surprised everyone in the rescue center. The dog started to walk on its own, and it mingled with the other dogs in the rescue center. That week was the most significant as the stray dog’s recovery is noticeable. It even started to be clingier to the rescuers and volunteers visiting the rescue center.

See full story in this heartwarming video:

Source: Animal Watch via YouTube


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