Anyone who has a younger sibling can say that there’s a lot of patience needed when hanging out with them. Sibling dynamics in the animal kingdom requires patience as well. When it comes to that aspect, one St. Bernard has shown unlimited patience with his little goat brother.

There’s a St. Bernard named Isolde, who lives with a little goat named Julie. They are the exact opposite of each other. Isolde is calm and likes to stay put most of the time. Julie, on the other hand, is very energetic.

When Julie was smaller, he was well behaved. However, when the little goat got slightly bigger, he started to become more playful. He loves to jump on Isolde’s back and hop nonstop.

Isolde can’t get a moment to himself. When he is trying to rest, he is always interrupted. Fortunately, not once has he ever god angry or reacted negatively. Even when Julie steps on his head, he never loses patience.

If Isolde doesn’t want to be bothered, the owner takes Julie to a different location. If there are other obstacles he can bounce on, he will go there instead. Julie is also starting to realize that he is much heavier than before.

Despite more self-awareness, Julie will still continue jumping on the patient dog. He’s a goat, after all. The St. Bernard is not going to get tired of Julie any time soon.

Isolder lives on a farm, so his patience extends to other animals there as well. There is more than one St. Bernard, where he is. Julie likes to jump on all the dogs there.

If other untrained dogs were there instead of Isolde, Julie might not be free to do what he does. Fortunately, he is lucky to have a big brother who understands him. Isolde and Julie’s relationship is something a lot of siblings can learn from.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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