A dog shelter in the Philippines called The Homeless Dog Shelter rescued a stray dog named Pawi. Little did they know that Pawi would also save them from shutting down.

Prince Pawi

It all started when Sharon Cuneta, a famous actress from the Philippines, met a stray dog while shooting for a movie. The stray dog, whom Cuneta later named Pawi, immediately approached the actress on their first meeting. He was the sweetest dog, and the actress instantly fell in love with him.

Pawi was often in the location where Cuneta was filming the movie. However, the actress was still busy with work, so she could not devote more attention to the charming dog. But, the loveable dog already made a mark on the actress’s heart.

Even when she had already finished the movie and was already home, Cuneta could not stop thinking of Pawi. And so, she posted a photo of Pawi on Instagram and asked her fans to help her find the dog. Fortunately, one of her fans, Suzette De Los Santos, helped her find Pawi. De Los Santos contacted The Homeless Dog Shelter, an animal welfare group located near where Cuneta last spotted Pawi.

The shelter helped find Pawi, and they took care of him until he was ready to travel and be with the actress. When the two finally met again, Cuneta could not help but be emotional. She was happy to finally have the dog in her arms, whom she promised to treat like a prince.

Saving the shelter

According to Jervy Castillo, founder of The Homeless Dog Shelter, her shelter, which housed over 70 dogs, was already on the verge of shutting down before she met Pawi. She could no longer afford all of the expenses because she lost her job during the pandemic.

When Castillo heard about Pawi, she continued to look for him and help him despite her limited resources. Thankfully, when Cuneta learned about the shelter’s condition, she sent help immediately and provided food, soap, and other essentials for the rescued animals. Donations from different people also started to pour in, and since then, the shelter has helped more dogs and cats in need.

In one of her interviews, Castillo mentioned that Pawi became an instrument in saving the shelter from shutting down. Without him, things might have gone awry.

Check out Pawi’s story in the video below.

Credits to Sharon Cuneta via YouTube and Instagram.

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