We can all agree that some doctors are scary. I mean yes, they don’t mean us any harm – their job is actually to help us so, technically, that doesn’t make them scary. But there’s just something about them that intimidates us. Do you want to know a kind of doctor that’s cute, though?

A “dogtor” – I said that right, a “dogtor” as in a dog doctor. Technically, she didn’t study to be a licensed doctor or have a degree. What she does is spread positivity and care for healthcare employees who work hard 24/7.

She may not be the one who treats the patients, but what she contributes is already a big help, and she is much appreciated. The dogtor’s name is Loki, and she is a Rottweiler.

Pre-coronavirus time, Loki and Caroline Benzel (her owner) frequented the University of Maryland School of Medicine. They would visit there thrice a week just to give smiles to the residents.

The hospital staffers and a lot of patients are already her best friends. Caroline was a medical student at the university, already in her second year.

But she was pulled out of school and the hospital frontlines because of the coronavirus outbreak. She didn’t want to sit around and just wait for something to happen.

She still wanted to do something for the hospital community. So she thought of a way to help.

Her first plan was to make use of FaceTime to spend time with the staffers and just converse. She and Loki wanted to give the staffers comfort and time to relax.

They did this regularly for some time until, eventually, Caroline came up with her next objective. Caroline saw the physical effects protective medical gear brings upon healthcare employees.

Because of the severe danger, the coronavirus brings, all the doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers need to wear gloves and masks 24/7. This resulted in the development of skin irritation and rashes.

Caroline thought of a solution and took advantage of social media to convince people to join her cause. Caroline and Loki asked their followers to donate to the production of hero healing kits.

This kit consists of hydrating skin lotion, baby powder, chapstick, boxes of tea, moisturizers, and chewing gum. They are planning to distribute these kits to the health workers.

A lot of people donated, they were able to come up with about 1,600 hero healing kits. They took to Facebook and expressed their gratitude for everyone who donated.

Their act of kindness reached many people. Some across the country was even contacting her, saying they also want to do this in their cities.

Their first batch of hero healing kits was distributed to four different hospitals.

Caroline is thankful and happy that her dream of helping the health workers was fulfilled, and a lot of people participated in her cause. On top of that, she inspired a lot of people to do something like this also.

Source: Good Morning America via YouTube

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