Sally Burke was about to start a new chapter in her life after her wedding. She decided to brighten things up and make it extra special by paying homage to senior rescue dogs.

Sally has a unique place in her heart that is only for rescue dogs. With this, she had a great idea for her wedding. Instead of having her bridesmaids hold bouquets during the wedding, they will hold senior rescue dogs’ leashes.

She came upon this idea while she was scrolling through Pinterest to look for wedding ideas and inspirations. When she thought of having dogs instead of bouquets, Sally and her husband agreed on it and thought that it is cool.


Rescue dogs have always been important and special to Sally. According to her, having them on her wedding day may raise donations for them or better, get them adopted.

Before anything else, Sally wanted to know first if the bridal party agrees with this idea. Thankfully, they also loved it. Sally’s bridesmaids were all excited to be with the senior rescue dogs.

Lastly, Sally needs to have the wedding venue’s consent to invite dogs. Luckily, the management was happy to host the wedding and welcome the cute senior rescue dogs.

After getting the wedding venue’s consent, Sally contacted Haven of the Ozarks, a no-kill animal shelter that is close to her heart. In the past, Sally rescued two dogs who had an abusive owner.

She turned over the poor dogs to Haven of the Ozarks and they took care of them and welcomed them. Ever since that day, Sally has kept a close relationship with the shelter.

When the wedding day arrived, the five senior rescue dogs were prepared. They all looked so cute and adorable.

Sally shared that she got emotional when she saw the dogs and could not hold back her tears. Even the wedding guests were touched and said that the idea was such a Sally thing to do.

Sally’s wedding opened an opportunity to raise donations for the senior rescue dogs. Four of the five dogs were even adopted.

Sally and her husband welcomed and sponsored the adoption of the last dog, who is a six-year-old Bordier Terrier named Yazzy.

These five lucky dogs are just one of the shelter dogs out there who are looking for a home and a loving family. People like Sally Burke are certainly needed to give these dogs a chance to live their lives happily.

Source: KOLR10 News via YouTube


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