One of the reasons why most people prefer to have pet dogs is because dogs can easily adapt to the different lifestyles of humans.  Dogs are the best home buddies, but they also make the world’s coolest adventure buds. Dogs know how to have fun and taking them with you on your next trips will be your best decision ever.

Today, we will meet three dogs who live in a van with their parents. They get to visit places and experience various activities with them which makes the whole family closer to each other. Watch the video below.

Keith and Briana love camping trips. After a couple of camping adventures across the country, they eventually realized that their apartment is usually empty and abandoned. So, they decided to give it up and made their family van as their permanent residence. Through this, they get to enjoy adventure trips anytime and visit places without missing home. They took their two dogs with them, which add flavor to their adventures.

This family loves canyoneering including our two pups. As what you can see in the video, our dogs show no fear and seem to enjoy the challenge.

Aside from the fun activities and the adventures which they get to experience, it is also important to mention that Keith and Briana ensure that their two dogs are safe while taking on dangerous stunts such as rappelling. They have special harnesses intended to keep their dogs safe and secure.

Our thoughts

Dogs are truly man’s ultimate best friends. They will stick by our sides and will accompany us in our every activity. They do not only help us secure our homes and loved ones but also make sure that we have someone to keep us company in whatever we decide to do to enjoy life.

Source: Youtube via Insider

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