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While dogs are cute animals, certain dog breeds are incredibly naughty. One of the most mischievous dog breeds is the French Bulldogs. Dog lovers find French Bulldogs attractive because of their big eyes and broad physique. But do not get fooled by their cuteness because behind their smile is a nosy character.

These two white French Bulldogs have put themselves in big trouble after they ran through their kitchen supplies. The duo was looking for food in their kitchen while their owners were sound asleep.

Instead of finding food, though, the two stumbled upon a big bag of greed food dye. The two dogs were not aware of the presence of the food dye, so they tried grabbing it. To their surprise, the green tint blasted right to their bodies.

The next morning, the owner was surprised to see the dogs clad in green color. Instead of getting mad, Yada Ornsomjit, the owner, laughed so hard because of what happened to her naughty dogs. She then took a video of the situation and uploaded it online. Since then, the video went viral.

In a later interview, Orsomjit shared that the two dogs accidentally ripped the plastic bag with green dye using their paws. As a result of their naughtiness, the two dogs dyed themselves green.

Orsomjit also mentioned that she was not mad at the dogs because she takes full responsibility for the situation. She admitted that she forgot to lock the kitchen door. She knew that her two dogs are naughty pooches. That is why she should have known better.

After the incident, Ornsomjit spent several hours to clean the mess brought by the two naughty dogs. Ornsomjit got help from her husband. After the cleaned the mess, it was time to do clean their dogs too. They said that it took them about three hours and three washes before the dogs became clean again.

Credits to Viral Press.

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