There comes a point when a dog has stayed for far too long inside an animal shelter. Unfortunately, not all dogs get adopted in a timely manner. Some remain at a shelter for more than a year, and others don’t get to wait that long due to being put down. Although once in a while, a shelter dog gets blessed with a miracle.

A dog named Merrick arrived at an animal shelter in Kansas City back in 2015. No one showed interest in adopting him for a long time, so the shelter employees worried. They posted advertisements, got him featured on the local news, and even got a billboard placement for him.

Even with all the effort put into advertising Merrick’s availability, nothing worked. The days flew by, and soon Merrick was on his 1000th day at the shelter. It was heartbreaking, and yet it only got worse as the dog continued to live in the shelter for five years.

When all hope was lost, one man stepped up and called the shelter. Finally, the awaited adoption day happened after so many years. Merrick soon found himself getting transported to his new owner’s home.

The new owner had everything prepared. He had snacks to give Merrick as the dog entered the house. There was a basket of toys for Merrick to play with. Most importantly, the home looked nice and cozy.

Merrick was thrilled and began exploring the house. At one point, he sat at the front door and stared outside. It looked like he was just in disbelief that he was finally out of the shelter’s enclosure.

Merrick quickly warmed up to his new owner. Other people in the neighborhood also greeted Merrick and gave him pats on the head. The rescuers happily watched as Merrick was showered with affection. It’s something that they’ve hoped to see for a long time.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.

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