Some dogs are hard to adopt not because they behave badly. Some are unadoptable because they can’t socialize with people out of crippling fear. In cases like those, foster parents come in and help these dogs by giving them a temporary home.

Chips Ahoy was the recent foster dog of a woman named Julie. It was obvious that Chips wasn’t ready for domestic life. She would hide in corners and watch Julie’s every move with great fear and anxiety. Julie could not approach without Chips recoiling or trying to find a new place to hide.

It was Julie’s husband, Brendan, that made Chips trust a person. He would often sit with her and pet her for a few minutes. This made the dog see Brendan as her protector. She would go wherever he was, even if it was in the bathroom.

Julie decided that it was time for Chips to finally move to a permanent home. She was so excited when a family finally volunteered to adopt Chips. However, it didn’t go so well because she was returned to Julie after just two days.

The family who gave her back told Julie that the dog was too much work. Julie disagreed with this statement. She knew that Chips Ahoy wasn’t hard to take care of. The dog just needed time to adjust.

Julie continued to care for Chips, and doing so made her discover more new things about the dog. For instance, Chips loves hanging out with other dogs. The dog also loves stealing socks from Julie’s feet. Many socks have been lost because of this, but Julie doesn’t mind.

As Chips got closer to Julie, it became apparent that she didn’t need to go anywhere else. Chips Ahoy became a permanent part of Julie’s home. Technically the foster attempt was failed, but it was a type of failure that yielded the best result.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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