Dogs have proven countless times that they’re worthy of the description “man’s best friend.”  They make it a point to be there for us through good days and bad days. They can tell when we’re happy, and they know exactly what to do when we’re sad. They’re also quick to switch to defense mode whenever they sense a threat.

While all humans are worthy of being called “dog’s best friend,” there’s one particular group of people that stands out. In case you’re wondering who they are, they’re our friendly neighborhood mailmen.

Reel life vs. real life

We know, we know. TV shows and movies portray dogs and mailmen as perennial enemies. Dogs threaten to bite the mailman the moment they ring the bell or approach the doorstep to drop off mails and deliveries. Mailmen come up with all sorts of ways to trick the dog so they wouldn’t get bitten. Yes, these scenarios are hilarious, but they’re far from what happens in real life.

The animal-friendly postman

Cristiano da Silva Antunes,  a mailman from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is living proof that dogs and mailmen can be best friends. He’s popularly known as “Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais,” which means “animal-friendly postman.”

He would greet the animals he would meet whenever he makes rounds to deliver items for people. Dogs are among those who get all giddy at the sight of him. They would wag their tales in excitement and shower him with lots of wet kisses.

Man on a mission

The relationship he has with the pups is not just for show. Cristiano carries with him a mission: to rescue animals that require immediate medical attention. He enjoys being in the company of pups and other animals. He dreams of putting up his own animal shelter someday.

Credits to Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais

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