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Some dogs had a rough start with their lives. Some had to go through the cruelty of their previous owner while some had to deal with certain disabilities. This dog named Cupid, however, experienced both of these. His former owner dumped Cupid because he was born without two front legs.

The pooch was left to die in a bin by his previous owner because of his condition. Scared and alone, the pooch started crying for help. Good thing, someone heard his moans for rescue. The person later brought Cupid to the nearest dog rescue centers to be checked.

The staff of the center named the pooch Cupid because of his heart-shaped nose. Back at the dog shelter, Cupid received tender loving care from the team since he needed it due to his ugly past. In turn, the dog likewise returned the kindness by being a good and responsible pooch.

Joan Znidarec, President and Co-Founder of the rescue center which adopted Cupid, later had a brilliant idea for the dog. To help Cupid with his situation, Znidarec thought of giving the dog a pair of prosthetic legs. Of course, these prosthetic legs won’t come instantly and without a price. That is why she rallied some of the people she knows to chip in money for these.

Good thing, some kind-hearted individuals are very supportive of Znidarec’s undertaking. Soon enough, they were able to generate enough cash to buy the prosthetic legs. The pair of new legs was specially designed for the dog. Znidarec likewise made sure that the pair of prosthetic limbs would fit the dog.

When the dog grew older, Cupid no longer needed the prosthetic legs because it no longer fits him. This was when Znidarec thought of another idea of giving the pooch a permanent set of wheels to aid him with walking.

Although at first Cupid did not know how to use the wheel correctly, Znidarec patiently thought the pooch the correct way of using it. Soon enough, the pooch got accustomed to using it, and it made him do things faster.

Credits to Express World News. 

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