Duke is a sweet pup who was stuck in a shelter because no one wanted to give him a chance. Although he knew he was capable of giving love to people like any other dog, no one seemed to notice this.

Thankfully, one couple eventually noticed Duke and took him home the moment they shared a connection with him. As if by instinct, they knew that the pup was the right one for them – later being incredibly thankful that they made this decision.

Duke easily adjusted to his new environment in his new home. There, he also shared the responsibility of taking care of his human parent’s 9-month-old child named Harper.

Knowing that he had someone to look after, Duke took his role in the house seriously. He wasn’t just a dog – he was a guardian, too!

Duke’s significant role in his family would eventually be put to the test when the pup noticed something terribly wrong was happening to Harper one evening. You see, Harper seemed to be not breathing, alerting his senses that he had to wake up his human parents immediately.

The vigilant pup jumped on his owners’ bed in an uncontrollable fashion in an effort to wake them up. Clearly, Duke was trying to communicate to them that their child needed immediate help.

Harper’s parents picked up on what Duke was trying to say and checked up on the child. To their surprise, they found their daughter in a motionless state, prompting them to call an ambulance right away.

Fortunately, Harper was saved because her parents were able to bring her to the hospital right away. Of course, her parents wouldn’t have woken up if it weren’t for our four-legged-hero, Duke.

Discover more about Duke’s valiant and heroic act with this video.

Video from YouTube ABC News

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